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ITEX-The Business Currency is a Modern Barter Exchange. Our members use this federally recognized currency to transact with each other instead of hard to come by cash. THIS IS NOT GRANDPA'S BARTER! There is no direct swapping.

CASH Profits are increased through the NEW business received. Your current customers remain cash clients. ITEX is a public company (ITEX). We make it possible for businesses and individuals to buy goods and services without cash...they use ITEX Dollars. The fact is, when ITEX Dollars are spent instead of cash, the cash that would have been used is now pure cash profit or can be used for other needs and wants within business or personal.

ITEX has been serving small Businesses since 1982 and bought the company that started this legal and above board industry in 1960. ITEX Works...Isn't It Time To Put Us To Work For You?

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